Tutor Children Virtually with teensGive

Our virtual volunteering options are a dream come true for our volunteers and their parents alike by removing the transportation component and opening up communities well beyond our local area and allowing direct interaction with people that need our help.

Sessions are delivered via laptops and even phones and are all recorded to ensure quality and safety.

​Who will we be tutoring?

The students we help often attend after-school programs in underserved communities and are attending Title 1 schools and are performing well below grade level.

Meet Some Students

Meet Some of our VIrtual Volunteers

How do I Get Started?

Complete Application

Provide a school reference and ID photo

Let us know when you are available

Give us about a week to get back to you

Choose your student and start tutoring!

Report your hours so we can verify them


That was easy!

    Let us help you find the right fit:

  • Talk to a senior to provide companionship
  • Teach English to an ESL adult
  • Tutor a middle school student in math
  • ….and more.

We even have virtual internships available.

Stem Squad Hotline:


Soon to be open Monday to Thursday from 3:30PM to 5:00PM, high school students sign-up to work 30-60 minute sessions each week,  After-school programs or individuals who are registered with TeensGive can schedule time with students who need homework help can connect using our platform which includes a virtual whiteboard.