Starting a School Club:FAQ

What are the clubs’ purposes/goals?

Community service is the cornerstone to our club’s membership. We strive to learn more about what teens want and charities need in order to provide the best overall volunteering experience.

  • Make volunteering more accessible, engaging, and fun
  • Provide rewarding options for required community service hours
  • Customize experiences to the way busy teenagers live
  • Modernize the way volunteer work is communicated
  • Offer leadership opportunities
  • Lend a hand to other teen-lead non-profits or school clubs
  • Research and select upcoming volunteer opportunities.

What would you do at club meetings?

  • Help us pilot out virtual volunteering platform
  • Support your school’s existing Public Purpose efforts
  • Establish relationships with local charities
  • Recap: write blogs highlighting past events. Submit photos. 

What is the difference between and a TeensGive school chapter?

  • Anyone can join and access our events calendar. Follow the easy instructions on our site to receive emails and updates about volunteer opportunities near you.
  • is a non-profit, social enterprise was founded by two High School sophomores, Max Mindich and Helena Zimmerman.  It organizes and/or communicates service opportunities across several regions. Membership is free and open to all teenage students, regardless of whether the school has a TeensGive chapter.
  • also serves as an umbrella organization for TeensGive School clubs. Students interested in starting a TeensGive chapter at their school must follow the company’s standards and guidelines.

What kind of leadership roles are available?

  • We are a brand new company so it is the perfect time to get involved.  We are looking for students to create and lead TeensGive school Chapters.  We also have opportunities for bloggers and web developers. 

Does your club overlap with any existing clubs? If so, why is the creation of your club necessary?

  • TeensGive should not overlap with other existing clubs. It should enhance them. Our organization is eager to help all charities in need to volunteers. School chapters can also call upon to help publicize an event on their website or reach out to its hundreds of members.

Will your club raise money? If yes, how and for what purpose?

  • Fundraising is not a requirement. TeensGive school chapters may raise money to cover expenses associated with operating the chapter which include $100 in annual dues to

What are the guidelines for starting a club?

● Commit to at least 2-years
● Attend our Training
● Adhere to quality standards and bylaws
● Sign-up at least 30 members on Teens
● Attend four service events per school year.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Helena or Max at