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Our Mission connects high school volunteers with community service opportunities that are selected and approved by fellow teens. Based on survey results, understands that high school students are busy, and when they volunteer, they want to make real connections, gain leadership experience, and be able to interact with friends.

We need to get Creative: Match young volunteers in ways that work for them and use their skills. For example, our fashion designers can join us as we deliver homemade gifts to local hospitals. Love Science? You can virtually tutor middle school children from underserved communities. our School Clubs Successful

As the umbrella organization for TeensGive High School clubs nationwide, we can leverage our large community of members to lend a hand and provide expertise to our chapters. We can send our volunteers to nearby events and help to promote them. Over time, we we will be building a set of data-driven technology tools such as surveys and Auction Templates for our Chapter leaders to help ensure their success.



Rewarding Volunteer Heros


We believe that our leaders and changemakers should be recognized. Also, sharing their stories will lead to more inspiration and positivity all around. Our "TG Leadership Call-Outs" will showcase our members' accomplishments on featured web pages each month.