Counting Cupcakes

Counting Cupcakes

Teach entrepreneurship and life skills to middle school students while creating​ a real-life bakery.

why entrepreneurship?

There are many proven benefits to teaching children entrepreneurship.  Studies have shown that building business skills can foster creativity, teamwork and self-confidence.

"I combined my passion for entrepreneurship with my love of baking to create a fun curriculum for TeensGive volunteers"

What the Children will Learn


What is marketing? How is it used in starting a bakery? The children create their own, unique business name, along with a logo and slogan.

Business Math

Children will learn to calculate the ingredient costs of each​ item to determine the right prices to charge at the bake sale and to estimate profits.

Social Enterprise

Profits from the sale are donated to a charity that the students choose through a vote. Each student researches the option and explains why they chose the charity to the group.

Graphic Design

Using PowerPoint, the students create their own logo and flyers to advertise​ the sale.


What is advertising? How do we get the word out? What informations do we need to include in our advertisements?

Measurement and Proportions

Baking is filled with fun math exercises. How many cookies will this batch make? what if we double the ingredients? How do we measure?


Counting Cupcakes is project-based and designed to touch on several academic areas, use creativity and collaboration. It also requires  TEAMWORK! Each student will bring his or her own strengths and interests to the team.  

Agenda for the Week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Mountain View
Mountain View
Cake Pops
Mountain View
Bake Sale
Mountain View
• Warm-up
• Decorate aprons
• Brainstorm ideas
for bakery name
• Measurement math
• Bake and decorate
• Sample the product
• Rate your cupcake
• What is a recipe?
• How much does it
cost to make a cookie?
• What should we charge?
• How much will we make?
• What is a logo?
• Create our own logos
• Decorate and enjoy!
• Choose your favorite
charity and tell us why
• Create flyers:
Advertise the bake sale
• Assign responsibilities
for the sale
• Make and decorate
cake pops
• Final reflection- what did
you learn?
• Bake sale!
• Count the profits
• Clean-up

Estimate Profits and Sales

Check out these customizable tables designed to help students understand pricing and sales.

interested in teaching counting cupcakes in your community?

Let us know! We will provide you with all of the teaching materials required, along with a supply list and tips for making sure the class runs smoothly.

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